first shahpoor

one of the iranian kings was called shahpoor and he  governed on iran at time of sasanian kingdom.

two of persian kings were called shahpoor,one of two kings was called first shahpoor and the other was called second shahpoor.

i want introduce first shahpoor in here.

he was son of ardeshir and he was second king of Sassanian kingdom.

during his kingdom occurred a hard war betwin persia and Roman Apratvry.

at that time persian king was first shahpoor and roman king was this war persian soldiers Defeated the roman kingdom and their king Was captured by the iranian.

shahpoor Ordered to drag bas relief  On a mountain in the local that called naghsh-rostam today.

naghsh-rostam ia near of pasargad (temp of cyrus).

you see in the below pic Shahpur’s victory against Valerian.

shahpoor is getting on the horse and  Valerian is kneeling in front of him.

پرونده:Bas relief nagsh-e-rostam al.jpg


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