who was imam hossein?

imam hossein was son of imam ali and emam ali was husband of the mohammad’s daughter. mohammad was Prophet of the islam. 50 years later of died mohammad yazid son of the Muawiya son of Abu Sfyan became king of the lands of the islam. Muawiya was enemy against Muhammad and Islam. yazid like the his father was Bloodthirsty and ruthless. he wouldlike that imam hossein accept himas the king of the islam and muslems. But Imam Hussain knew yazid can’t be Righteous and upright therefore imam hossein refused him as the leader of the islam. imam hossein knew would be killed but No surrender. he want to Medina and Mecca and yazid’s soldiors wouldlike kill him. imam hossein and his family and his Fellowships went to iraq beacuse Iraqi people wrote latters to him and Invitation him for come to iraq and Rescue them from Yazid’s oppression. imam hossein send his Cousin to Kufa To discover whether the Iraqi people want him or no. moslem went to kufa and iraqi people accepted him as the Representative of Imam Hussein in kufa. Yazid had heard the news about iraq sent on of the his commanders to iraq, he was Obaidullah son of the ziyad. he Once came to Kufa saw all of the people are Loving of the imam hossein therefore he treathed them to kill and Slavery. iraqi people Were afraid and left alone Imam Hussain’s representative and he was killed Whereas he was alone. When Imam Hussain heard the news abuot moslem Had reached to Karbala. at that time karbale was a disert. shemr and omer were tow of the yazid’s commander. they came to karbala and Imam Hussain did not can go to Kufa. Imam Hussain loved to be killed but Do not submit to oppression therefore he didin’t accept yazid , and shemr and omar boycotted the water on imam hossein in the The desert heat. hmam hossein had brought his wife and small children and imam hossein’s Fellowship were 72 but omar and shemr had 36000 soldiors. When was the night imam hossein turn off the burners and said to the his Fellowships We’ll be dead tomorrow Anyone who wants go but his fellowships didn’t go but they Knew would kill. The next day imam hossein with Little helpers standed ageinst 36000 soldiors. They were thirsty and tired. Imam Hussein had a son that he was 6 months and Brought him Yazid’s troops and said to them If do not uterine to us but This child is thirsty Just give water to the him. But they shoted a bullet to the throat, son of Imam Hussain and Imam Hussain said, god, you see that these people what did with me. and they killed imam hossein and his sons,his brothers ,his daughters,his fellowships and they were killed Whereas they were Thirsty. and in finish yazid’s soldiers cut them heads and did on the spear. imam hossein learned to us die is better than the live with Oppression.


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